Our hunts take place at “Natural Parks”, vast wildlife areas directly managed by the Game Department, where animals are totally free roaming with almost no hunting pressure. It is like National Parks where very restricted hunting is allowed. Professional Game Keepers scout the area before the arrival of the hunter gets, and success rate has been 100% for several years.

For any of our four different varieties of Spanish Ibex (Gredos, Beceite, Southeastern & Ronda) and both chamois (Pyrenean & Cantabrian) the hunts will take place in the “National Hunting Preserves” of the different mountain ranges where they are native from.

For Iberian Red Deer, European Fallow Deer, Iberian Mouflon Sheep, European Roe Deer and Wild Boar the hunts will take place at El Castañar. This property has been owned by our family since the XVth century and has hosted the Spanish Royal family hunts for generations, King Juan Carlos harvested his first big game trophy. Due to the excellent wildlife management in this property, it has been selected by the EU to release some Iberian Lynx, the most endangered wildcat in the world.

Having the possibility to hunt in our areas is a privilege and it is worth pointing out that our hunters have broken World Records several times. Over 50 of our guests got the Major Award Trophy Europe during the last 15 years. There is no other Spanish Outfitter whose clients got Awards for their trophies in the last 15 years in a row.