I harvested my first Spanish Red Deer when I was only seven years old. Born in 1959 in Southern Spain, into a family that owned different estates in the area, I had the opportunity to hunt with my father and to enjoy wild life since very young.

After going to University, (Forest Engineering School) I was lucky enough to work at one of the most prestigious private Hunting Estates of Spain shortly after I married, and both my older sons, Curro and Marco, born in 1981 and 1983, were raised over there. They also had the opportunity to start hunting very young.

I have been guiding Spanish hunters for big game trophy hunting and organizing monterías (driven hunts in Spain) since 1981. In 1990 I went to my first S.C.I. Convention.

Having been fortunate enough to harvest many game all over Spain, culling and trophy animals, we decided it was great fun to guide foreign hunters and share our experience with them, as well as organizing Red Legged Partridge driven shoots and upland shooting. In 1993 we started our own hunting operation.

Since then, besides organizing hunts and guiding all over our Country, activity which we really enjoy, we hunt abroad in our vacations to broaden our experience in the outfitting business. We have hunted in the U.S.A., Canada, many European countries (France, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Montenegro, Rumania, etc.), Africa and Asia.

Carolina, my wife, who just left her job as corporate events organizer for the largest Spanish Bank, enjoys hosting our non hunting companions and showing them around.

Our goal is to provide our customers with top quality hunts and top quality trophies. We are proud to say that we are the only Spanish Outfitter whose clients have been given twelve different Major Awards Trophy – Europe since 2000. They harvested three World Record Trophies, besides many others trophies ranking in the top ten of the S.C.I. Record Book.

Our biggest reward is having our hunters totally satisfied and to have them come back with their friends to harvest some other trophies or enjoy another shoot.

Fortunately we have many repeating customers, with some who hunted with us up to on nine different occasions. We believe on the word of mouth more than in any other kind of advertisement, and you will find very many Hunting Reports available at S.C.I. and at The Hunting Report.

I would say that the key of our success is that we guide all our hunters personally between Curro, Marco and myself. We provide our customers with a very personalized service and we have Game Scouts or official Game Wardens at every single one of the areas we hunt in. Besides, we stay at the best available accommodations close to each one of these different areas. This is why the success rate has been 100% in the last seasons, harvesting over 100 trophy animals in Spain per year.

We can tailor-make the hunt of your dreams in Spain, and will provide you and your non hunting companion with a most enjoyable time and successful hunt in our Country.

Yours in good hunting!

Giuseppe Carrizosa & sons Curro and Marco.