1.- How many days should I plan to enjoy the trip?2020-05-25T09:04:44+00:00

Even though the amount of trophy animals is very high in all the areas we hunt, to be safe and comfortable time wise, we recommend to count on 2-3 days trip per trophy. When hunting in the same area, like for example the Toledo Mts. in which we can hunt different species, 2 days per trophy is sufficient.  Besides hunting, most of our guests spend some time enjoying tourism and sightseeing. Our goal is to make this trip an unforgettable one and as enjoyable for the hunter as for the non-hunting companion.

2.- Forecast2020-05-25T09:05:47+00:00

The weather in most areas we hunt in Spain is mild. It cools down as you get closer to winter time, late November and December, but if you have a close look at the pictures in our web site, you will see that most hunters are wearing very light clothing, even in December.

We recommend to use a national website were you will find every town will be hunting in: http://en.eltiempo.es

3.- Flying into Spain an reception at Madrid Int. Barajas Airport2020-05-25T09:08:58+00:00

Of course, we meet all our guests at your arrival to the Madrid airport and help you clearing your gun through customs. This is why it is very important you tell us in advance your flight schedule.  A temporary Spanish Gun Permit will be given to you at your arrival at the Madrid airport. We can also let you borrow a rifle if you prefer.

4.- How do I bring a gun to Spain?2020-05-25T09:10:22+00:00

In order to bring your gun to Spain, or to borrow one of our rifles, the Spanish authorities require a Letter-Certificate from any Spanish Consulate in your Country, written in Spanish. This is an easy deal. You need to contact a Spanish Consulate in the USA (they are all listed at www.maec.es) and let them know you are planning a hunt in Spain. You need to send them a photocopy of your current Passport + photocopy of your Hunting License in the USA, and let them know the brand, caliber and serial number of the gun you are planning on using in Spain (either your own one or the one you will be borrowing from us). The hunting laws considers CROSSBOW the same as a rifle, so you wild need to do the same paper work.

5.- How do I bring a bow to Spain?2020-05-25T09:10:54+00:00

At present, in order to be able to bring your bow to Spain you don´t need any special permit. As outfitters we do have the necessary license to transport a bow. We recommend to set your bow between 50 and 70 pounds. Mechanical broad heads can be used, even though we recommend to use fixed broad heads.

6.- Wich caliber should I bring?2020-05-25T09:11:13+00:00

We recommend to use any caliber between a 270 Winchester and a 338 Winchester Magnum.

7.- Time & Distances2020-05-25T09:13:01+00:00
8.- Check List2020-05-25T09:14:47+00:00
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